Javier Z Postcard

Amidst a world overrun with undead assholes, a single group of  Cosplayers must risk it all to save everything.

Meet Javier….

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.30.31 AM

Brought to life by Christian Casillas. Affectionately called ‘Javi’ by his roommate’s, Javi has a kind heart and a child like fascination with the world seeing the magic in everything. Strong of body Javier has the will power, loyalty and heart of a lion. Often pursued by girls because of his near flawless body, rippling chest and strong arms, Javier doesn’t have a big head and is humble; although his humor may suggest otherwise.

Who is Christian Casillas?

MSA Fit Model, Christian Casillas of PERFIT Body and Firm Body Evolution (FBE) is a celebrity fitness trained; talented actor and producer. Most recently Christian has hosted and/or starred in weight loss series Tune Up!, Spanish Entertainment Series Tremens, thrillers Journeyman, Stakeout, Mirage and has recently broken into the telenovela world; all while, guest hosting and modeling on a number of entertainment programs.


BLeach Indie GOGO 1

What is ZombieCON the movie?

‘ZombieCON’, is the first live action, full length cosplay movie, following a group of four cosplayers as they are forced to tackle a Zombie Apocalypse. This Cosplay Movie has handcrafted EVA Foam armor, cosplay masquerades, zombies and its very own con. ‘ZombieCON’, a movie about cosplayers, made by cosplayers, for cosplayers and who ever else likes awesome movies.


Where to find/what is ZombieCON the movie?

Directed by Kyle F. Valle

Created and Story by Kyle F. Valle

Written by Kyle F. Valle, Erin Áine Smith and Manny Luke

Produced by Big Squid Productions:

More info at

ZombieCON starring:


Manny Luke

Erin Áine

(Quarantine 2: Terminal, the Vampire Diaries, Revolution)

Punkie Johnson

Christian Casillas

Carlo Mendez

(Kaboom, Parks and Recreation)

J. Michael Trauttman

(Shameless, Here Comes the Boom)

Nichole McAuley

(Star Trek: Voyager, the Nutty Professor)


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