The Story

Plot Outline

Suffocating under the daily oppression of LA assholes and closed-minded society, it’s a battle for the cosplaying group of best friends the Rocket’s Rockets just to be able to do what they love.

Squaring off against former best friend turned archrival Zander (leader of conniving team Zander Rulz) at a small regional con’s masquerade competition, only one group can win the gold…but little known to both groups, the real war is about to begin.

Team rivalries and assholes become child’s play when a fated encounter changes the course of human existence forever.

An oddball mystic and the gift of a mysterious rock set in motion a Zombie apocalypse of anime proportions, and events that will forever change Rocket and the Rocket’s Rockets…

Will the Rocket’s Rockets be able to traverse a crumbling Los Angeles overrun with undead assholes and save Mom?

Cosplay gets too real this 2019…



About ZombieCON

Created by Kyle F. Valle, co-written by Kyle F. Valle and Manny Luke, and produced by Big Squid Productions, ZombieCON is one action-adventure-comedy-magical-cult-classic-in-the-making you won’t want to miss…. We are Indie Horror wrote, “ZombieCON looks to be one hell of a ride in what promises to be a fun and future cult film”

One Piece meets the Walking Dead. Coming 2019.

Stay tuned here for updates on the movie’s upcoming release, additional chapters in the ZombieCON manga adaptation(!), behind the scenes videos, photos, fun…. and so, so much more! While you’re at it, get the full production journey at and

100% Indie. 100% Awesome. Made from the love of adventurous movies, otaku passion, thoughtful storytelling, and of course ZOMBIES.

ZombieCON: A group of cosplaying best friends must traverse a crumbling Los Angeles overrun with the apocalyptic undead in order to save who? Mom.

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